Social Media

Let me manage your Pinterest, Instagram or Twitter account for you. I’ll write a strategy tailored to your business and audience and create and curate content that they want to see and interact with. Then I’ll post at optimum times and engage with your customers for you.

Prices from £379 pcm.

How the Hashtag?! Workshop

Are you struggling to understand why and how hashtags are necessary on Twitter and Instagram? Do you know which ones you should be using? We’ll meet for two and a half hours and I’ll teach you the theory but then we’ll do some research specific to your business too. You won’t go away with a list of to-dos but instead, some carefully curated lists of tags ready to add to your social media posts.

Price £137.

Facebook Ads

Do you find yourself clicking boost and seeing no return? Take your finger off the button and let me plan and implement the perfect Facebook Ads campaign for you. Whether you want to sell a product, promote an event or grow your mailing list, I can help maximise your budget and create scrollstopping ads that make your ideal customers act.

Prices from £399 pcm


The key to social media marketing is a great plan that maps out exactly how you’ll use your social media channels to reach your audience. I’ll write you an easy to follow plan that will look at everything from exactly who your audience are to the type of content you need to be creating to reach them.

Cost £679

Pinterest Training Sessions

Do you know you should be on Pinterest but not know where to start? Are you baffled by how to design a great pin or has Tailwind got you in a spin? I run a two hour session which will give you all the knowledge you need to get started with Pinterest and design the perfect pin schedule that works for you.

Prices from £137

Power Hour

Are there a few little areas of social media that you just can’t figure out? We’ll spend an hour troubleshooting up to three areas that you need support with, and you’ll receive a handy summary sheet at the end!

Prices from £137