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How to use Pinterest Trends search bar

By 27th January 2022No Comments
Screenshot of compouter screen showing Pinterest homepage, with the mouse hovering on Trends button in the Analytics tab.

If you have a business account on Pinterest, you get access to the Trends search bar. This allows you to check the search volumes on keyword terms which will allow you to plan content around what is being searched for at any given time. I’ve created a quick video tutorial showing you exactly how to use Pinterest Trends search bar.

Here’s how to find and use Pinterest Trends search bar

  1. First, click on the Analytics button on the main tabs across the top of the page, then click Trends.
  2. Ensure you have clicked UK if your audience are mainly UK based. You can also choose to search terms searched in US or Canada.
  3. Type a search term or keyword into the search bar. This can be a single word eg. ‘cakes’ or something more specific like ‘cake decorating’
  4. A list will appear of search terms related to the words you have typed in. There will be line graphs next to each term. These line graphs represent the volume of searches over time. If you look to the right of the graph, you’ll see the current situation. If the line is on a downward trajectory then you know that it’s not currently a popular term, but if it;’s on its way up, then it is popular!

An example of how to interpret the results

If you search ‘cakes’, one of the terms that currently comes up is ‘cakes for girls birthdays’ and it is increasing! So if your business is in this industry, you could create some pins around this theme. You could write a blog – 5 cakes for girls birthday, or pin a suitable cake design from your website where the pin has overlaid text saying “Get some inspiration for girls birthday cakes”. You would then need to ensure that your titles and description feature the exact search term too, then point to the URL with your girls birthday cake on your website.

Good luck! If you’d like to learn more about keywords on Pinterest, you can book a power hour with me for just £99. Head to my Contact page and get in touch!