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3 Social Media Content Ideas Perfect For Christmas

By 16th December 2021No Comments
Smiling woman standing with her hands in her pockets standing in front of a building. There is a Santa hat on her head and an overlay of snow on the image.

You’ve finished work for Christmas and you’ve been so busy you haven’t had time to schedule any Instagram or Facebook posts for the break. And you’re panicking. You need some quick social media content ideas to keep your audience engaged over the break.

Firstly, you’re right to want to keep up a little bit of posting over Christmas. Your audience will still be scrolling Insta while they’re laid on the sofa stuffed full of turkey. They’ll be browsing Boxing Day sales. They’ll be on Facebook checking our their friend’s and families pressie hauls. Social media doesn’t close for Christmas so don’t confuse the algorithm (or your customers) by going quiet. 

Here are 3 great post ideas you can use for your social media marketing over the festive period. And you’ll be able to do them all whilst you’re in your own Christmas pudding coma on the sofa!

Top 9

Top or Best 9 posts have become a bit of a thing over the past few years. They’re essentially a summary of your most successful 9 Instagram posts from the past year. You can download an app to do it (just search top 9 in the App Store) but the closer to New Years it gets, the slower they are. So just head into your Instagram Insights, search for the best posts in terms of whatever you want; reach or likes are most popular, from the start of the year until now. Then take a screenshot. 

Rather than just posting them for the sake of it though, try and take some learning from it. Look at the types of posts that did well and in your caption, talk about the type of content your audience like and maybe promise that you’ll continue to post this type of content for them. Or use it as an opportunity to ask what people want to see from you in 2022. 


During your downtime is a great time to tell people a bit about you and your story. Talk about how you started your business and maybe write a few fun facts or things people might not know about you. Challenge your audience to tell you something fun about them too. 

Something nice 

Trust is a huge thing when it comes to people buying from us so testimonials or reviews are a great thing to share if you can. You could screenshot or take a quick screen record from an Etsy page, you could create a Canva templated one if that’s your thing or take a photo of a Facebook review or nice email you’ve received. A client of mine receives lots of thank you cards from her customers which she regularly photographs and shares. 

Let me know if you use any of these ideas. You can tag me @wildsocialuk on Instagram or Facebook. They’re meant to be quick so don’t overthink them – just do it! You’ll stay visible to your audience and the algorithm will be happy! 

To find out more about how I can help you maximise your impact on social media, head to my Services page. Maybe you’d like to try out Pinterest in the new year or you need some support with your Facebook Ads? Get in touch!